Hi everyone,


If I were going to tell you about how Daniel's Café & Bistro came to life, I'd firstly have to tell you about my story. Not to worry, I had a typical happy childhood, I was loved immensely, 

average in school but a very popular girl with lots of friends! However, there is one important detail which made my younger years so special, my father. 

I grew up playing in my fathers restaurant everyday, more often than not being a menace for his business. Still, he was always patient and calm - it was like I could do no wrong! I was so bold in my attempt to be a good chef and to take care of his customers but obviously sometimes I messed up and my mother would step in to put me in my place, though never my father, he just said "One day it will be your turn, my dear".

Well, time has passed and I'm still not there. But he is, he always has been. And now it's just a different challenge for him. So if by now it isn't clear, Daniel's Café & Bistro gains it's name as a token to my father, Daniel, and his 30+ years 

experience in the trade. He gathered us in this beautiful town called Ilkley and gave us a place to nourish. This quaint little coffee house was born from my father's love for good food, good people and above all, his love for his family. 

We thank you for your interest and hope to see you soon. 


Miruna, Daniel’s daughter